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Welcome to the Boot

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Ready or not, it’s time to launch.

Anyone who’s worked at a startup knows that, at some point, you have to ship your product. You can always release new versions and add new features along the way. Welcome to the launch of Bootstrapped Tech.

This issue is an outline of what’s to come. First, let’s discuss why this publication exists and what you can expect in each issue.

First up: who’s writing this and why

My name is Mike Holden, and I’m the marketing director for a bootstrapped software company called Thorn Technologies.

Several months ago, we’d just launched a new cloud file transfer product, and I contacted a local tech publication to let them know. We already have one successful product with over 1,000 users across the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces.

The writer got back to me and said they don’t usually cover launches but asked if we’d recently received any venture capital funding or were seeking any. I told them we weren’t looking for funding, which ended our back-and-forth.

But it got me thinking about how our society is very focused on startups looking for funding or that have been funded. Not enough gets said about startups grinding it out on their own.

So, I launched Bootstapped Tech.

What will Bootstrapped Tech look like?

In each issue, you can expect a few things:

  • The Headlines: In this section, you’ll get an easy-to-scan list of headlines from bootstrapped tech startups.

  • In Their Own Words: This will be a short four or five-paragraph story from a tech founder or an employee, providing a glimpse at their experience as a bootstrapper.

  • Helpful Hacks: These will be things spotted around the tech startup world that you can leverage for your work. Maybe it’s a great tip, a shortcut you can take, or an idea for how to do something differently.

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Now, here’s the part where you come in!

I really appreciate that you’ve subscribed. Thank you!

Does your bootstrapped startup have news? Or do you know someone at a startup who might have some news to share? This publication will be driven by the best bootstrapped startup news I can find.

Use this simple form to submit your stories. Tell your tech friends, too.

That’s it for this preview episode. I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect going forward. Send me your news and tell your friends too. See you soon!

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